What Will We Drive When There Will Be No Fossil Fuels Left?

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Skyrocketing fuel prices, depleting oil reserves all point toward a future without the conventional fossil fuels. We discuss emerging fuel technologies and how they can make an impact.

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Filled up your car at the pump lately? Did it pinch? Sure it did, with oil prices rising like the summer temperature theres no respite. There is not much that our government can do about it, there is one reality facing us all in the face, oil reserves around the world are depleting and the day is not far when oil will cost $5, $10 maybe $100 a gallon!. The ultimate truth is that we will have no oil in the times to come and we need to develop alternative fuels now and begin using them too. Governments are trying their hand at promoting electric hybrid cars, compressed natural gas cars etc but the scale is not large.

Every alternative fuel has some advantages and some limitations its the balance of these which makes it a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Cars that run on electric power do not emit any harmful emissions but they are less powerful and need frequent recharges. Cars that run on compressed natural gas also suffer from a drop in power and can carry only 100kms worth of gas since gas is hard to carry around and the tank is heavy and expensive. Hydrogen technology seems the best bet but it needs to have the necessary infrastructure (filling stations, installation points etc) and also needs to be made safe for public use.

Developed countries must pool their resources and develop fuels for tomorrow rather than wasting resources on going to space and fighting wars. For if we have no fuel how will we fill up the space shuttle and the jet planes that fight wars? Bicycling is also a good alternative, we should learn from Amsterdam which has as many cycles as residents. Or we could go back to th days of old and ride on horses and ponies, well that would be quite a sight. Imagine having a parking lot for horses and people in their business suits riding on thoroughbred horses to work! Life without petrol and diesel is going to be future reality and how fast we develop alternative fuels is what will determine what we ride tomorrow, cars or ponies.

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