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These days car magnets are everywhere and produced by everybody. What makes us different? we have had the privilege and honor of serving or have family members that have served in the armed forces. We don't produce cheap designs and flood the market, we take our time to research and create designs that reflect the pride service men and women and their families have in our armed forces.

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Our standard magnets, MMINTS TM magnets, and the custom magnets produced for group orders
are all manufactured in the US. Outdoor magnets are .034 mil thick, guaranteed not to chip, peel, or

We do not skimp on design, color, or quality! Many of our designs are specialized and are only
printed on a limited basis. This makes our magnets more costly to produce, but allows us to offer
so much more.

For us to continue to offer you this type of variety, design choice, and keep the ribbon prices
reasonable, we are not able to provide free shipping. Our shipping charges are nominal, and based
on actual mailing costs. There are no extraneous shipping & handling charges.

We offer you the most for your money, whether you are purchasing one stock magnet from us...or
having us design and manufacture your own custom magnets.

If you are looking for basic magnets check out our Economy Line. Click Here

Have a simple design you want to produce? Have a more complex design you want to produce?

We produce better magnets at lower prices!

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask. Email us at: MilitaryMagnets@aol.com

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