Toyota's Prius to be Built in China

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Toyota and a Chinese company have inked a deal whereby the Chinese manufacturer will produce hybrid Prius cars. Some are certain to make their way to the US, reducing historically long wait times from months to weeks.

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The Toyota Prius, a car built on hybrid gas-electric technology, will soon receive a major production boost. Toyota and an undisclosed Chinese based manufacturing company have sealed a deal where the two companies will be working together to produce the Prius for worldwide export. This bodes well for the American consumer who has to endure long waits for an all new Prius. More importantly, the move signals a sea change in the way Japanese cars are built and marketed. Ultimately, you may be the biggest winner; please read on for all the scintillating details!

If you wait nine months for a car, it means you must really want that model. This is exactly what future owners of the Prius have been doing as well as owners of other hybrid cars including some Honda models. No manufacturer has been able to keep up with the surging demand and, despite lower fuel prices, demand continues to increase.

For Toyota, production levels on virtually every car they produce have been very high. Thus, even producing more Prius has been impossible as manufacturing capacity has been stretched thin. Until now that is. With Toyotas new relationship with China, it is expected that Prius production will ramp up. More Prius built in China will mean more hybrid models from Toyota as production shifts westward to the Chinese mainland from Japan.

As you might guess, labor costs in China are extremely low too. There is no telling if a car produced in China for Toyota will be sold for less in the US or simply translate into bigger profits for Toyota. Likely it will be a combination of the two, a true win-win situation for Toyota as well as for the American consumer!

Hopefully, the Chinese built Prius will match typical Toyota quality levels. It probably will as whatever vehicles Toyota builds around the globe must match Toyota quality standards.

Are you waiting for a Prius? Your wait wont get shortened any time soon, but for future owners they expect to see a significant drop in wait times as new, Chinese-built Prius show up on American shores.

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