Resurface-Don't Replace-Your Worn Driveway

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Homeowners can easily repair and strengthen their driveways with a concrete resurfacer.

Resurface-Don't Replace-Your Worn Driveway

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Your driveway is your home's first impression to the neighborhood. As the trend of remodeling older homes continues to grow; a cracked, chipped driveway is often a neglected improvement project due to the effort and expense of removing and replacing the concrete or asphalt. A more cost-effective solution is to repair-and strengthen-a driveway by resurfacing the concrete.

Resurface With A Squeegee

• With a simple squeegee application, the Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer provides a durable, wear-resistant surface designed to withstand heavy traffic on driveways, walkways, sidewalks and patios. In order to resurface a driveway, homeowners will need only a long handled squeegee, a five-gallon bucket and the concrete resurfacer, available in 20-pound pails, 40-pound bags and 80-pound bags. One 40-pound bag resurfaces approximately 90 square feet at 1/16-inch thickness.

How To Do It

• Begin by cleaning the driveway. This will ensure the concrete resurfacer properly bonds with the existing surface.

• Follow the directions on the bag by blending the resurfacing mix with water until a pourable consistency is achieved.

• Use a pressure washer to clean the surface and saturate the driveway. Finish step by removing any standing water.

• Pour the mixture onto the concrete surface and then carefully spread with a long-handled squeegee.

• Use the squeegee to scrub the material into the surface.

• For a slip-resistant professional finish, follow within 5 minutes with a broom making full strokes across the full distance of the current work area without stopping.

• Wait 6 hours before allowing foot traffic and 24 hours for automobile traffic (with cool temperatures allow longer curing time prior to use).

• Protect from rain for at least 6 hours, longer in cool or damp weather.

• Do not cover unless immediate rain protection is necessary. No sealer is required.

*If interested in a decorative finish, add desired Quikrete Cement Color to product mixture.

For thicker applications, use additional thin layers of the concrete resurfacer or use a trowel applied layer after the initial squeegee application.

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