Exhaust Systems For The Hobbyist

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Why have a stock exhaust system on your truck or SUV when a performance exhaust system can easily outperform it? If you crave a stronger sound and more power than a performance exhaust system may be just what you need.

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There are exhaust systems and then there are exhaust systems. Your vehicles exhaust system does everything that it needs to do to keep your car performing properly as well as to protect the environment safe from harmful pollutants. When it is working properly, that is. Not every owner is satisfied with stock exhaust systems, particularly the hobbyist or recreationalist who uses his or her vehicle for leisurely pursuits. If you are a hobbyist and you want a system that performs well beyond what a stock exhaust system has to offer, then please read on for some important information.

So, what is your sound preference? Say, what?! Yes, one of the attributes of a high quality performance exhaust system is finding one that brings out the sound that you want it to make. Generally, there are three types of exhaust systems sounds you can choose from. Gibson Exhaust, a popular manufacturer of performance exhaust systems breaks it down as follows:

<b>High:</b> Produces a sound of high volume and intensity. Expect resonance with the cab.

<b>Moderate:</b> Big Block powerful exhaust tone with minimal resonance inside of the cab.

<b>Low:</b> Produces a mellow tone while it maintains a stock sound within the cabin.

Are you not sure which type of system that you want? Then, simply stop by the Gibson Exhaust site for sample sounds of the exhaust system for your truck or SUV.

Beyond sound, there are several other characteristics of any performance exhaust system that should be noted. They include:

<b>More power.</b> Stock mufflers can restrict engine power by as much as one third. With a properly specified and fitted performance muffler in place, air flow restriction can be reduced significantly. The result will be borne out every time you pull something or when you climb a hill as torque is freed up to bring out additional power.

<b>Improved fuel economy.</b> An efficiently working engine burns less fuel. With a performance exhaust system in place, your engine has a friend and not a foe that works in conjunction with the engine to achieve higher fuel mileage.

<b>Longer lasting.</b> What good is paying extra money for a performance exhaust system if it doesnt last longer? Made from aircraft quality stainless steel, your performance exhaust system can easily outlast the life of your vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, warranties as long as one million miles can assure that the exhaust system you place on your vehicle not only avoids corrosion but is also the last one it will ever need.

Certainly, performance exhaust systems can cost a lot more than stock systems. For the hobbyist who enjoys the throatier sound, stronger torque, and improved fuel economy, a performance exhaust system makes perfect sense.

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