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1953  300 First generation (C1) begins; production starts on June 30; polo white with red interior and black top is only color combination; Options were interior door handles; "clip in" side curtains were a substitute for roll-up windows.
1954  3,640 Production moves to St. Louis; exterior colors-blue, red, and black are added; top color-beige is added, longer tail pipes.
1955   700 Both inline-6 and 265 cu in (4.34 L) V8 engines produced; 3-speed manual transmission added late in the model year.
1956  3,467 New body with roll-up windows; V8-only; 3-speed manual transmission becomes standard equipment and Powerglide moved to option list.
1957  6,339 283 cu in (4.64 L) V8; Optional 4-speed manual and fuel injected engine option added.
1958  9,168 Quad-headlights and longer, face-lifted body; new interior and dash, fake louvers on hood and chrome strips on trunk lid; number of teeth in grille reduced from 13 to 9.
1959  9,670 First black interior and dash storage bin; only year with a turquoise top; louvers and chrome strips from '58 removed.
1960  10,261 Minor changes to the interior: red and blue bars on the dash logo, vertical stitching on seats.
1961 10,939 New rear styling, bumpers, and round taillights. New fine-mesh grill.
1962 14,531 327 cu in (5.36 L) V8 engine; last year with a trunk until 1998. New black grill with chrome surround, chrome rocker panel moldings.
1963  21,513 Second generation (C2) begins; new coupe body style introduced (only year for split rear window); coupe more expensive than convertible.
1964  22,229 rear backlite windows of coupe changed to single pane window; hood louvers deleted.
1965  23,562 396 cu in (6.49 L) Big-Block V8 added; last year of fuel injected engine option (until 1982-std.); side-discharge exhaust introduced. Manufacturer colors change color code names. 4-wheel disc brakes introduced.
1966  27,720 427 cu in (7.00 L) Big-Block V8 with unique bulging hood; 327 cu in (5.36 L) 300 horsepower (220 kW) small block V8 standard.
1967  22,940 five-louver fenders are unique; Big-Block hood bulge redesigned as a scoop; parking brake changed from pull-out under dash handle to lever mounted in center console; Tri-power 427 would become a sought-after Corvette.
1968 28,566 Third generation (C3) begins; New body and T-top removable roof panels, new interior, engines carried over, three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic replaces two-speed Powerglide as automatic transmission option.
1969 38,462 First year of the 350 cu in (5.7 L) Small-Block; longer model year extended to December, 1969 due to delay in introduction of 1970 model; "Stingray" front fender nameplates added, new interior door panels and inserts, 17-inch black-vinyl steering wheel (replaced 18-inch wood-rim wheel).
1970 17,316 First year for the LT-1 Small-Block and 454 cu in (7.44 L) Big-Block; three-speed manual transmission dropped and four-speed manual became standard with Turbo Hydra-matic available as no-cost option with all engines except LT-1 350; posi-traction made standard equipment; introduced along with the second-generation Chevrolet Camaro on Feb. 26, 1970, new egg-grate metal front grills and fender grills, lower molded fender flares, new hi-back seats and interior trim, new custom interior option includes: leather seat trim, cut-pile carpeting, lower-carpeted door panels and wood-grain accents.
1971 21,801 Significant power drops due to reduced compression ratios to meet GM corporate edict requiring all engines to run low-octane unleaded gasoline; power ratings based on both "gross" and "net" figures with the former based on engine hooked to dynometer while "net" ratings based on power as installed in vehicle with accessories and emission controls installed.
1972 27,004 Power ratings now advertised in SAE net figures, last year for LT-1 engine, front and rear chrome bumpers, removable rear window, and windshield wiper door.
1973 30,464 5 mph (8.0 km/h) front bumper system with urethane cover, pot-metal front grills (black with silver edges), chrome rear bumpers unchanged, new design front fender ducts, first year for radial tires (standard equipment), rubber body mounts, new hood with rear air induction and under-hood insulation, new front-end (round) emblem. cross-flag gas-lid emblem deleted towards the end of the model year.
1974 37,502 5 mph (8.0 km/h) rear bumper system with urethane cover to match previous year's front bumper, new recessed taillamps and down-turned tail-pipes. 1974 is the only year with two piece rear bumper cover with center-split. No gas lid emblem was used. Aluminum front grills (all-black), dual exhaust resonators added, revised radiator cooling and interior a/c ducts, integrated seat /shoulder belts in coupe. Last year for true dual exhaust system, last year for the 454 big-block engine in a Corvette.
1975 38,645 First year of Catalytic converter and single-exhaust, black (painted) bumper pads front and rear, redesigned inner-bumper systems and one-piece rear bumper cover, plastic front grills (all-black), amber parking lamp lenses (replaced the clear lenses on 1973–1974) new emblems, last year of C3 convertible.
1976 46,558 First-year for steel floor-panels, cold-air induction dropped, new aluminum alloy wheels option, new one-piece rear "Corvette" nameplate (replaces letters).
1977 49,213 Last year of 1968 flat rear glass design, Black exterior available (last year-1969), new design ""Corvette flags" front end and fender emblems. New interior console and gauges, universal GM radios.
1978 46,776 25th Anniversary, New fastback rear window, Silver Anniversary and Indy 500 Pace Car special editions; Pace-car included sport seats and spoilers-front and rear, limited option-glass t-tops; redesigned interior, dash, instruments.
1979 53,807 Sport seats (from the previous year's pace-car); front and rear spoilers optional, glass t-tops optional; New interior comfort features; highest Corvette sales year to date.
1980 40,614 Lightened materials, new hood, front end with molded spoilers, rear bumper cover with molded spoiler and new tail lamps, Federal government required 85 mph (137 km/h) speedometer; California cars powered by 305 V8 and automatic transmission for this year only, last year for L-82 engine- (n/a with manual transmission)
1981 40,606 Production is switched from St. Louis to new Bowling Green plant; 350 cu in (5.7 L) V8 returns in California cars, last year for manual transmission.
1982 25,407 New cross-fire fuel-injected L83, New automatic overdrive transmission; Collectors Edition features exclusive hatch rear window – is one fourth of production.
1984 51,547 Fourth generation (C4) begins; hatchback body; digital instrumentation L83 engine continued from 1982.
1985 39,729 More powerful and fuel efficient L98 engine introduced.
1986 35,109 First convertible since 1975. Third brake light, antilock brakes, and key-code anti-theft system are new.
1987 36,632 Callaway twin-turbo offered through dealers with GM warranty.
1988 22,789 New wheel design; all white 35th Anniversary special edition coupe.
1989 26,412 ZF 6-speed manual replaces Doug Nash 4+3.
1990 23,646 ZR-1 is introduced with DOHC LT5 engine. Interior redesigned to incorporate drivers-side air bag.
1991 20,639 Restyled exterior; last year for the Callaway B2K twin turbo.
1992 20,479 New LT1 engine replaces the L98; Traction control is standard.

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1993 21,590 Passive keyless entry is standard; 40th Anniversary special edition in Ruby Red.
1994 23,330 New interior including passenger airbag. LT1 engine gains mass air flow metered SFI.
1995 20,742 Last year of the ZR-1; minor exterior restyling; Indy Pace Car special edition.
1996 21,536 Optional LT4 engine with 330 bhp (246 kW). Collectors Edition and Grand Sport special editions. First year with OBD II diagnostics.
1997 9,752 Fifth generation (C5) begins; LS1 engine is new; the hatchback coupé is the only body style offered.
1998 31,084 Convertible C5 debuts with the first trunk in a Corvette convertible since 1962; Indianapolis 500 Pace Car replica offered; Active Handling System introduced as optional equipment.
1999 33,270 Less-expensive hardtop coupé is offered.
2000 33,682 Newly styled alloy wheels debut.
2001 35,627 Hardtop coupé body style becomes top-performance Z06, utilizing the new LS6 engine and suspension improvements; Second-Generation Active Handling System becomes standard equipment on all models; slight (5 bhp (3.7 kW)) increase in base model engine power.
2002 35,767 20 bhp (15 kW) increase for the Z06 to 405 bhp.
2003 35,469 50th Anniversary Edition package offered for Coupe and Convertible base models; F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control Suspension supersedes F45 Selective Ride Control Suspension as base-model option.
2004 34,064 24 Hours of Le Mans Commemorative Edition package offered for all models.
2005 37,372 Sixth generation (C6) begins; New body is first with fixed headlamps since 1962; no Z06 model and a late convertible introduction.
2006 34,021 Z06 debuts; 6-speed automatic with paddle shift available on non-Z06 models.
2007 40,561 6-speed automatic paddle shift delays are reduced drastically compared to 2006.
2008 35,310 Mild freshening, LS3 introduced, All leather interior added (4LT, LZ3).
2009 16,956 ZR1 model added, new "Spyder" wheels for Z06.
2010 12,194 Grand Sport Coupe and Convertible added; replaces the Z51 performance package, launch control standard on MN6 models.
2011 13,596 Wheel choices are updated; Larger cross-drilled brake rotors (13.4" front and 12.8" rear) available on Coupe and Convertible, or included with (F55) Magnetic Selective Ride Control. Z07 Performance Package introduced for Z06.
2012 11,647 Upgraded interior and new tires on the base model. Z06 acquires full-length rear spoiler and a carbon fiber hood as options. ZR1 gets adjusted gears for better fuel economy. ZR1 Performance Package introduced, Z07 Performance Package tweaked with new wheels.
2013 13,466 Introduction of 427 Convertible model. 9 month production run.
2014 37,288 Seventh generation (C7) begins; All new styling, chassis and drivetrain.
Total 1,595,026